Where are we located?

Our Jet Ski activities are based at the Oceana Powerboat Club on Haul Road, Granger Bay, Cape Town.

What are your operating hours?

Our first booking can be made at 09:00 and the last time slot is at 17:00 to return by 18:00.

Who can rent a Jet Ski?

Anyone over 18 can rent a Jet Ski.  If you are in possession of a SAMSA Skipper’s ticket you will be allowed to operate the Jet Ski independently.  Should you not possess a Skipper’s ticket an instructor will accompany you and you will be allowed to operate the Jet Ski under his/her supervision.

What documents should I bring?

    Skipper’s Ticket (If applicable)

    Proof of Identity (ID Book or Passport)

    Proof of Address (Utility Bill etc.)

What payment options are available?

    Credit or Debit Card


Does the rental include fuel and the cost of an instructor?

The rental cost includes all costs associated with your booking.  No hidden costs will be added to your account.

Will I have to launch the vessel?

Our staff will take care of launching the vessel and have it ready for you to hop on and enjoy the time on the ocean.

What if bad weather persists on the day I booked?

Our instructors will make a call on the day whether weather and sea conditions are suitable for a day of fun.  Should the weather or sea conditions not be suitable, we will gladly move your booking to an alternative date that suites you best.

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